The College of Humanities and Legal Studies is a three-tier College which hosts three faculties and a school. These are Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law and School of Business. Departments and related units under each Faculty/School are listed below:

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Institute for Development Studies (IDS)
  • Institute for Oil and Gas Studies
  • Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Department of Geography & Regional Planning
  • Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  • Department of Population & Health
  • Department of Economics
  • Centre for Gender, Research, Advocacy and Documentation (CEGRAD)
  • Centre for Data Archiving, Management, Analysis and Advocacy (C-DAMAA)
  • Micro-finance Unit

 Faculty of Arts

  • Centre for  African and International Studies
  • Department of Ghanaian Languages & Linguistics
  • Department of Religion and Human Values
  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Department of Theatre & Film Studies
  • Department of Classics & Philosophy
  • Department of Music & Dance
  • Department of History
  • Department of French
  • Department of English
  • Information & Literacy Skills Unit

Faculty of Law

  • Department of Legal Studies
  • Department of Advanced Legal Studies
  • Department of Legal Extension
  • Centre for Legal Research
  • Law Library & Information Centre

School of Business

  • Department of Management studies
  • Department of Accounting & Finance
  • Professional & Management Development Unit (PMDU)
  • University of Cape Coast Business Incubator







Core Value

The objectives of the College are to:

  • Facilitate the promotion of academic work and good governance across faculties/schools;
  • Promote interdisciplinary activities including research and outreach;
  • Promote networking and group research based on the University’s Research Agenda; and
  • Pool resources together to ensure maximum utilization for research, teaching and outreach.