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Vision, Mission, Core Values

Vision Statement

To become a nationally and internationally recognised College in inter-disciplinary teaching, research and community engagement.

Mission Statement

To offer challenging curricula and a conducive environment that stimulate critical thinking inspiring both faculty and students to be responsive to national needs and aspirations. This will be done through periodic review of the curricula informed by evidenced-based research; the application of IT in research, teaching and learning; the provision of technical and consultancy support to organisations and agencies, and especially small and medium-scale enterprises, in the national development effort; and documentation and advocacy for policy at various spatial levels.

Core Values

The objectives of the College are to:

Facilitate the promotion of academic work and good governance across faculties/schools;

Promote interdisciplinary activities including research and outreach;

Promote networking and group research based on the University’s Research Agenda;

and Pool resources together to ensure maximum utilization for research, teaching and outreach.